Monday Must Haves


Happy Monday everyone! So no makeup selfie today (came down with a minor case of the flu with a high fever…YIKES) 😷 BUT luckily it’s time for Monday Must Haves!

Every makeup geek needs a good eyeliner and a setting spray, right? Well my must haves in those categories are Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes long lasting eyeliner and NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting setting spray.

I’ve never been a fan of liquid eyeliner  (it can get super messy) so I tyically go for a pencil. With Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes, you can still create the perfect cat eye or whatever look you’re going for. It doesn’t smudge too much which is nice, so go to Sephora and get some NOW!

Without setting spray, makeup would smear in an instant (especially on a rainy day). NYX has two setting sprays that work wonders, but my personal fave is the matte one. I adore the look of a matte face and this setting spray I’d the ideal finishing touch. Also, since it’s NYX, you can guarantee it’ll be a total steal!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. ingrid says:

    You just made me want to try the NYX Matte Finish setting spray !!! 😀 I hope you get well soon xo’s

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    1. Thank you for you get well wish! And YES it’s definitely worth it so go get some

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  2. misspebblesgirl says:

    I really wanted to try this finishing spray. I am currently using the urban decay one.


    1. I haven’t tried that one, but maybe I will! Thanks for your comment


      1. misspebblesgirl says:

        Its really good. Worth a go

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  3. I have just started using the NYX dewy finish setting spray and love it! So good for this time of year with the abundance of wet weather! I was even lucky enough to order one yet I had a box of 3 sent out to me! Good job I like it really! 😂 thanks for the post, hope you feel better soon x


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