How to Rock Orange Lipstick


Before a few months ago, I was intimidated by all the lipstick colors that were not pinks or reds. But I finally decided to take the plunge with some bolder, darker colors…I haven’t looked back since.

I discovered the trend of orange lipstick a few months ago and loved that too! So I found THE best orange lipstick ever from Ofra Cosmetics called Miami Fever. It’s a liquid lipstick, so it’s definitely worth looking into!

If you’re gonna wear this shade on your lips, number one most important part is confidence. You gotta feel confident enough to wear it, otherwise how else are you gonna feel great with orange on?

Two, when wearing orange on those lips, pick a complimenting eyeshadow. For example, when I wear orange lipstick, I try to pair it with browns, pinks, and reds.

Finally, have fun picking an orange lipstick. There’s a bunch out there for you to choose from, you just gotta find your perfect shade.

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time



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  1. The Beauty Journal says:

    Ahhhh I love everything Kathleen creates!
    Anyways, do you think it makes your teeth look more yellow? That’s my main concern with orange lipsticks 💋
    Mari xx

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    1. And no this one does not make my teeth look yellow, it has darker undertones so I think that helps

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      1. The Beauty Journal says:

        Thank you so much!!

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