Valentine’s Day Gift


Happy Valentine’s Day my beauties! 💘

Instead of a product review today, I thought I’d share my excitement for my Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend.

So on our way home from our weekend away, we went to the mall and he told me he’d buy me whatever I really wanted for my gift.

Naturally, I had my eye on new beauty products. We found this brand called Vine Vera at a kiosk and after a sample, I knew what I wanted.

I got a bag of goodies for only $100 (it’s  normally priced around $400 so we got an AMAZING deal). Now I normally hate what kiosks have to offer, but I’ve heard some good thinga about this brand so I couldn’t pass it up!

In my bag, I got a body soap, foot cream, a facial day cream, and a peeling exfoliator. I’m beyond excited to try all these products!

So overall, fabulous Valentine’s Day weekend 💗 If any of you beauties have any feedback about Vine Vera, please comment below!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time



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