Monday Must Have


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day weekend 😘

For today’s Monday Must Have, I’m gonna boast about my personal holy grail product. Many of you know about this product or already love it so here we go!

Benefit Cosmetics has some fabulous products, but today’s must have is their Porefessional Primer. It’s a creamy formula that can be applied all over the face as a base layer.

I love this product because it serves as a great canvas for the rest of my makeup by smoothing out my skin. I don’t know why but I love the way it smells too!

It also does a great job of minimizing my pores, which we all know is the desired look with makeup.

Do you have a favorite primer? Comment below with what brand you like to use to prime that beautiful face!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. ibeautytalk says:

    This is definitely my favourite primer but I’m also loving using Niveas post shave balm!

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    1. I’ve heard good things about that one

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  2. KayEm says:

    A great choice! I love that primer, first I’ve ever tried

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    1. Me too, but it is amazing

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  3. JV says:

    I am just waiting for it is to be delivered, I have ordered it online. I have never used it earlier, so looking forward to it.
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    1. You will not be disappointed


  4. i need to repurchase this i haven’t had it in about 4months now, but when i went to repurchase i saw they’ve realised a new one a matte rescue one, and i love my base matte, have you tried this? x

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    1. No but I’ve heard it’s pretty great so I’ll definitely check it out

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      1. please i would love to see a review!

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      2. In my next beauty haul I’ll check it out. Thank you for your support!

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  5. I tried a really small sample of this a long time ago and it was too hard to tell how well if worked since I didn’t get much use out it. Glad to hear it works well for you!

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    1. Yes, it is well worth the money so definitely consider buying a full size


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