What’s Wrong with Being Confident?


For years, I was too afraid of what people would say about what I wore or put on my face. But finally I’m at a place where I just don’t care what those people say.

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off a bold lipstick color. Within the last year, I gained that confidence and I haven’t looked back since.

Who out there loves being bold? I know I do, and I think the best way to pull it off is with an unexpected lip color.

I’ve recently gotten really into purple lipsticks, and currently my favorite is from NYX Liquid Suede collection in Amethyst. It’s bright, it’s fun, and I always get a ton of compliments.

Show off your fun side with something bright! My next new lipstick is probably going to be Orange County from the Liquid Suede collection because…well, who doesn’t love a bright orange for spring?

I’d love to hear what all you beauties think of bright lip shades, so please comment below 😙

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. kaiesha stewart says:

    Nothing at all! Those who are more confident definitely get some stares and I’ll admit, I stare but it’s out of envy because I wish I had the confidence they do! I love this lipstick colour, it looks great on you!


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  2. Love the lipstick shade you are wearing. Looks great on you and thanks for this inspirational post 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback! 🙂


  3. I love a bold lip colour and I have also struggled with the ever present “should I or shouldn’t I put this on” but I have given in to the lipstick gods and put it on. I haven’t looked back since!

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    1. It’s so much fun trying bold lip colors, right? Glad you took the plunge


  4. ibeautytalk says:

    Preach girl! You look fabulous!


  5. littlebeautyblogxo says:

    I love that colour, looks gorgeous on you! x

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  6. Hi ,
    You were just nominated for a Liebster award🎉! Congratulations ✨check out the rules here : https://nshahzadblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/liebster-blog-nomination✨/

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  7. ladyd1ana says:

    Looove the purple lips. Unfortunetely for me purple and blue lips make me look dead :)))

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  8. The Moore The Merrier says:

    Totally pulled that off!

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