Makeup for Warm Weather


Happy Saturday makeup geeks! Finally I am here in sunny Arizona, and I could not be more psyched! You would be too if you went from 20° to 80° overnight (literally).

So now that I’m in warm weather, let’s talk about transitioning from winter to spring makeup. Main thing: bright colors are always in! While they do stand out in fall and winter, adding bright colors in spring will make you flawless in spring and summer. My favorite bright colors are pinks and purples, but you can do any brights you want!

Second: highlighting! Sure, contouring makes your facial features look perfectly chiseled. But springtime means more highlighting and more brightness. Pick a light colored blush to lighten the face and pair it with a highlighter.

As you all know, my favorite makeup item in the world is lipstick. Bright lip colors are an absolute MUST for spring! Right now I’m really liking peaches and corals (like pictured above). They really brighten up my face, and make my lips stand out (since I love to go bold).

Overall for warm weather…GO COLORFUL! You’ll have fun being bold while having fun in the sun!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. I love this makeup look and I adore your necklace 😍I really hope to visit AZ anytime soon, I miss it very much.

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    1. Ya before this trip I had only been to Phoenix once. But I absolutely LOVE it here

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      1. I lived in Chandler for a few years in my teens 💕

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      2. Very cool, I love Arizona, I would love to live here


      3. It’s one of my fave places 💕

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  2. Great lipstick colour, and I love that necklace!

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  3. Welcome to Arizona!! Have a great trip!

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  4. Keep some blotting sheets handy and stay hydrated ! Lovely post ❤

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    1. Thank you for those tips


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