Product Review: Sephora Collection Pomegranate Face Mask


Happy Sunday! Yesterday I realized I rarely do product reviews of face masks and considering how much I love them, I thought I’d review one today!

I’m a huge fan of the Sephora masks…I mean $6 for a face mask? YES MA’AM! I’ve tried a bunch of them but still hadn’t tried the pomegranate one. For anyone who has never used any of these masks, here is what they look like on the face:


(AHHHHH I look like one of the guys from Twenty One Pilots with their face masks on)

This mask claims to energize your skin and fight against fatigue. I always have an issue with under eye circles so I thought this mask would be awesome for that! The results? Not amazing but not awful!

Many reviews said their under eye circles were less obvious almost right away. I didn’t have that experience, but maybe I just have to continue using this particular mask before I see real results.

One result I loved from this mask was waking up with the feeling of energy in my face. Most mornings, my face is not ready for the day until I wash it. But my skin already felt energized from the moment I got out of bed sooo that’s a big plus!

I’m not sure if I’ll get this one again, but I do love some of the other masks so I’ll definitely buy some of those again!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Love these so much more than the boscia mask I just tried! I have had great results with Sephora masks! 😀

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  2. everlyoak says:

    I’ve decided that I can’t stand the kind of masks that you unfold and put on your face. It’s such a pain! I’d rather get the gunk on my finger tips and smear it all in place versus spend half an hour arranging a pre-made one.
    Alas, that might just be me. 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

    – Hannah

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    1. Everyone has different preferences for masks, so I can definitely respect that. The Japanese face masks can be a little strange but I am slowly getting used to them. Thank you so much for your amazing feedback 🙂

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  3. I love these! The green one is also awesome!

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    1. The green tea one? Yes! Definitely one of my faves…I also really like the pearl mask

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      1. Yea that one! I will have to try the pearl one

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      2. The pearl one is awesome from brightening your skin


  4. SimplyrRBF says:

    I love the pomegranate eye mask. Those are so nice! !!

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    1. Ooh I need to try that! I recently bought the avocado eye mask and I cannot wait to try it


      1. SimplyrRBF says:

        I haven’t tried the avocado one yet. But the pomegranate eye mask is great for tired eyes. It helps to just energize you! Love it. I bought the avocado hand mask and argan lip mask. Need to try those and review them 😛

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      2. I got both of those too! I tried the lip mask and it was really weird. The cutout was huge on my lips (and I don’t even have small lips) and the mask didn’t stay on my lips so I had to hold it there for 15 minutes. The hand mask I haven’t tried yet but I hope it’s better

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      3. SimplyrRBF says:

        LOL interesting. I will have to try it out and see how it goes. I think I’ve read reviews of people saying that about the lip mask. I’ll see what happens 🙂

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      4. Yes I would love to hear what you think about it 😊

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