Monday Must Have


For this week’s Monday must have, let’s talk about skin care…specifically acne care.

Everyone deals with acne at some point in their lives. For so many years, I thought I wouldn’t ever get acne. When I  was 17, I was in for a surprise…PIMPLES!

Since then, I’ve dealt with pimples on a somewhat regular basis. It has never been severe but who really wants acne on their face? So I started looking for some acne treatment.

Serums tend to work really well on my skin and a few months ago I received a sample of the Clinique Acne + Line Correcting serum and I fell in love. It treats acne even before it shows up on my face.

The number of pimples and frequency of them has definitely gone down since I started using this. I really only get one at a time now and they’re pretty easy to treat, thanks to this amazing serum. All I do is take a little bit and apply it to the acne prone areas of my face after cleansing at night.

So if you’re still on the hunt for a great acne treatment product, definitely go check out this Clinique serum. It is a definite must have!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Really want to try it now 🙂

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    1. Definitely look into it!

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