My New Go To: Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Palette


I have been obsessed with the Cheekathon palette ever since it was released because…well you all know how much I love Benefit!

Sure, it is $58 BUT it is beyond worth it! Every beauty geek needs at least a few good blushes in his or her makeup bag. This is the best way to have a bunch of blushes in one convenient place!

Here is the inside of the palette:


Soooo pretty and cute, right?

The packaging is amazing as always (major reason I love Benefit). There are two bronzing powders (Hoola and Dallas) and three blushes (Dandelion, Rockateur, and Coralista).

I already knew before I bought this that I adore Hoola since well…I use it every day! But I’ve always wanted to try the other blushes from Benefit and this is the best way to do that.

Each powder retails at $29 individually, so having all of these separately would be $145. BUT you get all of them for $58…not bad eh?

I love Hoola of course, but my other favorite so far is Dandelion. It’s such a beautiful light pink shade that is perfect for spring and summer…makes me cheeks look so pretty!

So if you haven’t gotten this yet, you absolutely need to go get this palette RIGHT NOW! I’m not even joking…best cheek palette ever 😍

Thanks for reading, my loves πŸ™‚ til next time

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  1. CrazyJess says:

    I just ordered it last night from sephora’s website but then felt guilty about spending the money this morning. Reading your post though made me feel better and I’m sure I’ll love it and it really is a good deal considering their individual prices like you said πŸ˜€

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    1. Trust me I felt a little guilty too buying this πŸ˜‰ but yes it is so worth it! I packed this for my road trip today and I am so glad I did

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  2. This is probably the prettiest makeup product I’ve seen in a while. I can already tell my bank accounts will cry

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  3. Same here! Hoola and Dandelion are my favourites too πŸ˜€

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    1. Dandelion is sooo pretty! And I’m starting to really like Rockateur

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