Battle of Benefit: Boi-ing vs Fake Up


Just a reminder that my beauty Q&A is going up on Monday so please send in your questions NOW! 😁

Alright so a couple days ago I got into a pros and cons list of two popular Benefit mascaras. Today I’m going to do the same but for two Benefit concealers.

I’m always looking for a good way to cover up my under eye circles and I’ve heard that Fake Up is really good for that so I bought some the other day and wanted to talk about this one versus my other fave: Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. Sooo here it is:



Amazing coverage
Creamy formula
Great for covering up blemishes and acne spots


Matches my skin tone (concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than skin)
Does not stay on all day
Does not dry on my face (it stays creamy all day which is kinda weird)



Definitely lighter than my skin (so coverage is a little better)
Dries on my face quickly
Moisturizing creamy formula
Good for under eyes


Not amazing coverage (more sheer coverage)

So I think the winner is Fake Up! I still love you Boi-ing BUT Fake Up is definitely the right concealer for me!

Thoughts on these two products? Comment below (also comment below with beauty Q&A questions)

Thanks for reading, my loves πŸ™‚ til next time


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  1. Krystine says:

    Love your blog! πŸ’•


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  2. estellosaurus says:

    I love Fake Up, I use it every day, you are totally right about the sheer coverage though. I never got on with Boi-ing- I found it quite heavy on my skin x

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    1. I like Boi-ing but it can feel heavy for sure


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