Favorite Brand: Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Happy Friday loves!

I’ve been talking a LOT about Jeffree Star and his fabulous products lately so I thought I should do a favorite brands post for him.

First of all, love this brand because of Jeffree! He is so amazing and inspirational and I honestly just want to be his best friend and have him do my makeup every day. SERIOUS GOALS!

What I love about this brand is it’s all about Jeffree’s dedication and hard work. He has come so far and worked so hard to make this brand a reality. So you can’t help but love what he does.

I love his products also because they’re cruelty free and they are so long lasting. I’ve only started getting his products since February but I’m so glad I found his brand. His lipsticks are to die for, his lip scrub is amazing, his eyeshadow palette is so stunning, and I’m about to try his new Skin Frost (just ordered some yesterday).

It’s so hard to pick my favorite product of his since they’re all amazing but I will definitely say I am obsessed with his liquid lipsticks! My favorite shade would have to be Scorpio but I also love Blow Pony and Dirty Money.

If you’ve never bought any JSC products, get on it! But also follow Jeffree on Instagram (@jeffreestar) for updates on restocks and be on top of those restocks. Jeffree posts what time restocks happen in different time zones so just make sure you are on his site a few minutes before the restock. Otherwise you’re gonna miss out!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. I definitely need to try some products! I’m dying to get my hands on Skin Frost!

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    1. It is so hard to get them, especially Ice Cold. But keep checking Jeffree’s page for updates and hopefully you can get one. And definitely get the Beauty Killer palette and lipsticks

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      1. I’ve just watched someone on youtube swatch ice cold and now I definitely need it in my life! Cool, I’ll check out that palette!

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      2. Definitely do it


  2. karaleecupcake says:

    I just bought the Beauty Killer palette

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    1. Yay! Hope you love it as much as I do

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  3. I heard a lot about the lip stick, I should give it a try.

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    1. It is my all time favorite liquid lipstick! It lasts through eating better than any other liquid lipstick I’ve tried

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      1. Yes and he has such a great selection of both neutral and bright shades!

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  4. Yesssss everything he touches is golden!

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  5. Just reviewed Jeffree’s Rose Matter Liquid Lipstick on my blog! Absolutely agree, one of my favorite, it not my absolute favorite brand!

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    1. Right? Definitely my favorite brand right now 😍 just wish it was sold in stores somewhere but that’s kind of the magic to it…there’s only so many and if you get your hands on the products you feel so lucky

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      1. Cannot wait for Tuesday’s Release! I’ve been waiting so long for Androgyny, Masochist and Celebrity skin!

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      2. I know right? I need to save money but I might just treat myself to some Androgyny


      3. Everyone deserves some Androgyny girl!

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