New Brand in my Makeup Bag: Lime Crime

I hope everyone had fabulous weekends…today I’m back to the daily grind (but it’s a shorter week luckily).

So it’s obvious how much I love bright lip colors…if you’ve been following my blog religiously. Lately a lot of people have asked if I get my lipsticks from Lime Crime. But I honestly never had until now!

I’ve heard that Lime Crime has kind of a bad reputation in the makeup community (still not 100% sure why) but I was drawn to it because it’s an indie makeup brand. I love trying new brands and new products, and Lime Crime seemed like it would fit perfectly with my makeup collection.

Lime Crime is known for some crazy ass lip colors but instead of buying those, I actually went for some deeper and more neutral lippies. WHAT?!?!? Brooke wearing more understated lipstick? That’s a new one 😜

The shades I got from Lime Crime are Cement (a cool grey), Polly (think Jeffree Star’s Doll Parts), Teddy Bear (a deep but neutral purple), and Gemma (a metallic purple grey). 

Even though these shades are less crazy than I tend to go for, I am still in love with them! The formulas are really awesome and they stay on my lips like nobody’s business. I can’t pick a favorite shade because well…THEY’RE ALL FABULOUS! Looks like Lime Crime will be getting more of my business in the future 😊

What are your thoughts on Lime Crime? Give me your piece of mind below beauties! 

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time 


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  1. Karalee says:

    I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Lime Crime so I read this article awhile back to see what all happened. Apparently Lime Crime repackaged wholesale products (at least when they started) and harassed and attempted to sue bloggers that wrote negative reviews. There’s a lot more in the article

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    1. Oh good to know! Did Lime Crime fix all these issues finally?


      1. Karalee says:

        I honestly don’t know

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      2. Hopefully they’ve fixed their issues because I really like their lipsticks so far!

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  2. It looks to me like they have fixed their issues after doing a little research. There was also a major security breach issue that happened last year but it has since been fixed. There haven’t been any negative news items about the company either since this. So luckily it seems like Lime Crime is recovering


    1. Sarah says:

      Just be careful when you purchase from them and checkout with paypal, or buy through a third party rather than themselves! I think they have had a couple of security breaches in the past, but last year was the biggest. So just be mindful when purchasing!

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      1. Thanks for the warning!

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  3. Great article and gorgeous shades ! Kissessss girl! :*

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    1. Thank you so much

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  4. I have the exact same products in cement and cashmere (and thank you – i knew i was not the only one that thought grey lippie was awesome) but i personally really dont like the formula; it really dries my lips out and it applies really patchily 😦 xx

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    1. Oh really? So far I haven’t had that issue with my lipsticks from Lime Crime. But I’m so glad you also love grey lips…it just looks so badass to me!

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