Product Review: Morphe Brushes

I got a lot of requests to review my new Morphe brushes and because I’ve never even tried any Morphe brushes, let’s chat about them! 

So many beauties in the makeup community are in love with Morphe brushes. I have 2 palettes from Morphe (35OS and Matte palettes), both of which I love. Finally I got my hands on two Morphe brushes: M180 and M108!

Let’s start with the M108 (pictured on the left). This brush is perfect for bronzing and buffing. Let me just say how amazing this brush is. For under $10, the brush is so high quality! 

The M108 brush is easy to use on my whole face and it picks up a lot of product in just 1-2 swipes. Plus I love it because of how soft it is! You gotta get brushes that feel luxurious on your face right?

Now for the M180 brush, which is perfect for face powder. The powder brush I had before didn’t pick up as much product as I would’ve like but just like the M108, this powder brush does! 

It’s amazing how beautifully it applies my face powder without having to use a ton of product. And of course this brush also feels incredibly soft against my skin so I really can’t complain!

Ok so I’ve definitely found my new favorite brush brand! Morphe offers such amazing quality brushes for such low prices…how can you pass these babies up?

If you’ve never tried Morphe brushes, you need to ASAP! Seriously…go and buy some right now! 

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. I was contemplating purchasing brushes from them, but now I’ll definitely be trying some! 🙂

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    1. You definitely must! They are such good brushes


  2. I was just on their website again looking at their brushes!! I am definitely buying them soon. Thanks for the review

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    1. You’re welcome! And ya I’m gonna have to buy some more of their brushes soon

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      1. Buy them 😉 There’s no such thing as too many make up brushes!

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      2. Ummm right? I totally will once I get paid this Friday 😀

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  3. You’ve gotta try out Morphe Me! Check out some of my previous posts on it!!

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    1. God I would love to try Morphe Me!


      1. It’s the best way to build up your brush collection. And this month’s brushes are dope!!!

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      2. How much is it per month?


      3. $20/month free shipping for over $30 worth of brushes. This month we’re getting two brushed from the Elite 2 collection.

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      4. Ooh really? God that is so tempting!


      5. Right?! That’s why I did it. Now I have so many blending brushes!! Lol

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      6. You can never have enough blending brushes amiright?

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  4. I have just purchase the travel set brushes in the black and white container and i love them!!

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  5. shapeboxblog says:

    Great post! Love it!
    If you have time, please visit my blog!

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  6. chloebeauty7 says:

    I love morphe brushes too! I really recommend the morphe M506, it’s under £5, so soft and delicate and I perfect for cut creases! X

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    1. I really want to try that one now! Thank you


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