Favorite Brand: Urban Decay 

Happy Friday lovelies! 

I haven’t done a favorite brand in a while and I was trying to think of brands I haven’t posted about. Here’s one: Urban Decay!

While I don’t have a lot from Urban Decay, I love them. They have such high quality products and super cute packaging. What’s not to love?

I have two eyeshadow palettes from Urban Decay (hopefully getting the Moondust palette soon). And no I don’t have any of the Naked palettes. But let me just say that the two palettes I have from Urban Decay are even more amazing!

The pigmentation on the eyeshadows is really awesome, especially in the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. You can never go wrong with any Urban Decay eyeshadows. Some have fallout but it’s as much as I’ve seen in other palettes so not a deal breaker.

Now for the famous Chill setting spray. For a while, I could not get enough of the NYX Matte Finish setting spray. I still think it’s a great product for the price. BUT I gotta say I have been loving the Urban Decay setting spray!

What I love about this spray is it’s chilling effect. It can be a ridiculously hot day and the feeling of a cool spray is so refreshing.

 Also can we talk about how fabulously this spray keeps makeup in place? Even with the NYX spray my makeup would move a little toward the end of the day. This one from Urban Decay has not done that at all. My makeup doesn’t budge and with the big bottle, I get a longer use out of the spray.

It’s hard to pick which of these three products is my favorite (seriously…I can never pick a favorite!) But I think I’d have to say the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. There are so many different and unique colors and I love creating bold looks with this palette!

What are your favorite Urban Decay products? You know what to do 😊

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Jennicocoa says:

    I love urban decay! Great post, can’t wait to read more. Would love if you could follow my blog as well! Lifestylebycocoa.wordpress.com

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    1. Thank you! And ya Urban Decay is pretty awesome

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  2. Urban Decay has absolutely killed it the last few years! I’m a huge fan!
    I’ve got Naked 2 (the best of the Naked’s IMO), a lippy, Naked Flushed Palette, All Nighter Setting Spray and 24/7 eye pencils.
    I cannot wait for their new foundation and wanna try some of their new lipsticks – 100 lipsticks in the range, uh-may-zing! 😎💜✌🏼️🌟

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    1. Nice! I really want to get the new Vice lipsticks and the liquid eyeliners they’re releasing

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  3. I love Urban Decay-they are what brought me into my makeup obsession. I have all of the Naked Palettes and they are great. 😀

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    1. I still don’t have any Naked palettes but I love their other palettes so far!

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