Inside Look: Jeffree Star Limited Edition Summer Lipsticks


I literally squealed as I went to the mailbox because I knew I was getting my lipsticks today! Needless to say…I couldn’t wait to open these lipsticks up and try them.

So I’ve seen a lot of complaints online about people getting watery formulas but luckily I didn’t have that issue. As soon as I opened the lipsticks, the formula was normal. Oh and can we talk about the delicious watermelon candy scent? I mean come on Jeffree 😍

Now the only two shades that I really wanted were Virginity and Nude Beach (Queen Bee wouldn’t work with my pink undertones and I already have shades just like Watermelon Soda and 714). But I am so happy I picked these two shades because they are absolutely stunning.

Virginity is the prettiest lavender pink lipstick shade in the history of makeup. And you all know how obsessed I am with purple lipsticks. This one is too flawless to pass up…it kind of reminds me of a unicorn 🦄

Nude Beach is unlike any other lipstick I own. When I first saw this shade, I expected it to be more like Jeffree’s I’m Nude shade. BUT I’m so glad this is different. It’s a gorgeous peachy nude that is still somewhat bold for summer sooo perfect for me 😍

So I think it’s obvious that I’m in love with these limited edition lipsticks! Thank you Jeffree Star for gracing the beauty world with these flawless lipsticks! I have no complaints and I’m going to be wearing these shades A LOT for the rest of the summer.

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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  1. Omggg! Those are my fave colors! ❤

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    1. Me too! They were my favorites from the summer collection. As soon as I saw Jeffree swatch them, I was like I NEED THESE NOW

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      1. Good thing you got them already! Me, im still saving up for it. 😂

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      2. Luckily Jeffree stocked all the lipsticks like CRAZY! So hopefully you can get all the shades you want

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      3. Hopefully!!! ❤️

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  2. Maryannasaur says:

    😱😱 YAAAS those colours look so pretty! I’d love to see some lip swatches and bet they’d both look good on you!

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    1. Thank you! I tried both and I am obsessed 😍 I will do a lip swatch ASAP for everyone

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  3. Omg! I want virginity so bad but I think it’ll be too pale for my skin 😢 can’t wait to see how they look on you!

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    1. I was worried about that too but if you have pink undertones like me, the lip color is gorgeous!

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  4. I so want ‘Unicorn Blood’ but it’s sold out. Amazing colors you have bought

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    1. Thank you! And you can always check Jeffree Star’s Instagram pages or his Snapchat for updates on restocks

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  5. jess09xo says:

    Omg! They are so pretty:) whenever I go on the website they’re always sold out!x

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    1. They’re not right now luckily! Jeffree stocked enough for a while so if you want them, get them now girl😊

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      1. jess09xo says:

        Ahhh, I’ll have to have a look!!🙈X

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  6. pawfriendlybeauty says:

    Are these patchy when you apply them? They seem like they would be for such a light color!

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    1. They are not! I’ve heard some people online have those issue but they aren’t streaky or patchy for me at all

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      1. pawfriendlybeauty says:

        That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see them on ya!

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      2. Thanks girl! 😚

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