Monday Must Have 

I can’t believe it’s the first day of August, guys! TOO CRAZY!

Anyways for the first Monday of the month, let’s talk about blush. Now I’ve evolved from using the little CoverGirl blushes to now using high end blushes. BUT my favorite blush palette ever is still the Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon palette!

I know I’ve raved about this palette before but it is seriously a must have (and not just for Mondays!) I use this palette every day, even just for contouring and bronzing.

The blushes (Dandelion, Rockateur, and Coralista) are all beautiful pinks. It’s hard to pick a favorite between these three but I love using them to dust on my cheeks for a touch of summer color.

The two bronzers (Dallas and Hoola) are also SO FABULOUS! I go back and forth between these two because they’re both great. Dallas has more of a bright warmth to it whereas Hoola is great for an everyday contour.

This is such a great palette if you want to try Benefit’s cheek products but don’t want to waste money by buying individuals. The palette gives you full-sized cheek products that last for such a long time…so worth it!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time 


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  1. I have only ever used Hoola bronzer and I love IT !

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    1. Hoola is really great and I’m also starting to love Dallas! Both great bronzers 🙂


      1. I’ve not yet had the chance to dry Dallas

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      2. You would love it! It’s very similar to Hoola


      3. Well I best try it x

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  2. Hoola and Dallas both look so gorgeous! x

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  3. This seems so good, I was wondering what the price was. xx

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    1. It’s $58 if I remember correctly, so a pretty good price for 5 cheek products that normally retail for $29 each

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      1. You’re so welcome


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