Monday Must Have 

Welcome to another Monday Must Have, my beauties!

So I don’t talk enough about my favorite brushes BUT since day one, I have been obsessed with my Ecotools fan brush.

First of all, it is the softest brush EVER 😍 Every day when I use it, my face thanks its lucky stars! I know that sounds silly, but makeup brushes should never feel rough on your face. But luckily Ecotools makes some really soft brushes!

I’ve tried a couple fan brushes in the past but this one by Ecotools is by far the best I’ve used. It picks up so much product in just one quick swipe and it applies my highlighters flawlessly.

One thing I always look for in my brushes is how much I can manipulate them. This fan brush is so easy to work with because it can move with the curves of my face well without creating a huge mess. 

What I also love about Ecotools brushes in general is their wooden handles. So cute, right? I just love the design of this brush so much…bravo, Ecotools!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time 


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  1. I really need to try got some ecotools! I keep reading amazing things about them!! Lovely blog as always!! xx

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    1. Thank you dear! And yes I love Ecotools brushes! I also really love the makeup brush shampoo from them

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      1. I will need to try that out as well!! No worries love, any time and thank you for sharing!! ❤ xx

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  2. i think you’re a mind reader, because i was just looking for a fan brush to help take my highlight game to the next level! i have one that i got in a brush set way back when and, while the other brushes are really great, the fan just doesn’t do it for me. i’ll check out ecotools — i’ve heard good things, and your post might just be a sign, LOL!

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    1. That is seriously crazy! I’ve gotta tell you, this brush does wonders. My highlight game is a lot stronger because of this brush PLUS it’s a very inexpensive brush but amazing quality 😊

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  3. Im looking to buy a fan brush to apply my powder highlight! I love the Ecotools brushes x

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    1. Get this one then! It’s perfect

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      1. It really is! And it’s easy to wash and doesn’t shed

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      2. I will deffo buy this! Cx

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      3. Yup you need it in your life

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  4. I have this one and love it!


    1. Isn’t it a great brush?


  5. andlivloves says:

    So glad to hear that the ecotools fan brush actually works! I own the elf fan brush, which isn’t that great, and have been lost on what drugstore alternative to try out next!

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    1. Yes…this one is the best one on my opinion!


  6. I really like they’re brushes too. Def gonna pick this one up

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    1. Do it! It is the perfect fan brush

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