Fall Beauty Wishlist

It’s finally here…well it’s almost here at least! I love fall, especially where I live so I always get super pumped for this season 😁

Fall is also my favorite season for makeup for sure! The best lip and eyeshadow colors are out and I can’t get enough. So let’s dive into some of the items I have on my fall wishlist!

1. Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition- if you haven’t seen his new swatch reveal video for these, go to his channel NOW! The formulas are going to be satin and the colors are to die for 😍 They won’t be available until September 30 but I seriously can’t wait. I’m hoping to get Grandaddy Purp, Celebrity Skin, and Popsicle Dream!

2. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream- it’s not even funny how many eye creams I’ve tried to get rid of my dark circles. But I’ve heard the Bye Bye concealer and eye cream from It Cosmetics are great so hey might as well try it!

3. Bosnia Tsubaki Splash Mask- This sounded really interesting on Sephora’s website. It’s great for normal to dry skin and for any uneven skin tones. I love different kinds of masks so I’m hoping to try this one and love it!

4. NYX Liquid Crystal Liner- Metallic lips have been trendy lately…ehy not some metallic eyeliner as well? This shade is black but NYX has a few other shades I want to try. And I’ve recently fallen in love with liquid liners and learned how to rock them so I gotta try these!

5. Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga- I have yet to purchase any Nars makeup…I know right? They are on the pricier side BUT when I saw this lipstick I knew I had to have it! It’s the perfect shade for fall and it’s matte so of course this is on my wishlist.

6. Lime Crime Velvetines liquid lipstick in Lana- I want to try another metallic lipstick and this one is bronze. Gorgeous right? I’m really hoping to buy this soon because I already love what I have from Lime Crime!

7. Morphe Deysi Danger Highlighter palette- Ok you know your girl can’t resist highlighters! These are neutral shades BUT if they’re highlighters I’ll take them any day. Plus I’ve looked at the swatches and they look flawless!

8. Morphe 35F palette- Is this not the most perfect palette for fall? Look at those gorgeous burgundy shades…uummm yes please! I already love the Morphe palettes so I’m definitely going to need another one.

9. It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask- I’ve tried one hair mask and I didn’t see any results from it. It’s a 10 products are really good  (in my experience) and less expensive than a lot of haircare brands SO looks like I need to try this guy!

10. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick- My last wishlist item is another highlighter. Jeffree Star recently did a video on this product and he really liked it. He said it’s perfect for a base highlighter and God knows I can never have enough highlighters so I’ll need to add this to my stash.

And that is my beauty wishlist for fall! I hope to see my beauties out there making their wishlists 😊

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time 


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  1. ilipuma says:

    omg the packaging… Jeffree Star and Milk, Wow!

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    1. Right? I want them so baf


  2. Love the idea of writing down all your must-have products. Much cuter than a shopping list 🙂

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  3. I love the Nars matte lipsticks! My favorite shade is Tonkin, but Volga looks gorgeous too!

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    1. I’ve never tried them! Are they long lasting

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES! The formula is a more on the dry side, but they last such a long time so it’s kind of a trade off. Definitely worth it though!

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      2. Nice! I’ll definitely need it now

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  4. If I wrote a list of must haves . . . I would never have money in the bank. Have you tried anything from Younique? I used to be a TOTAL drugstore girl until a friend got me hooked. Now I sell it, well buy it. Same thing right? Anyways, love the idea of your list, looks like you’re a little more decisive than me.

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    1. I never have but I’ve heard a lot about the brand. And ya I try to plan out more of what I want

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      1. Well if you ever want to try something, you can check out my blog, my link is on one of them. Anyways, I need to learn how to do that. What would you say the best matte lipstick you’ve tried? That’s the one thing at Younique I haven’t had a chance to try and I’m looking for good ones for fall.

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      2. I like matte liquid lipsticks. My favorites are from NYX and Jeffree Star. NYX is more on the cheap drugstore side and they have the liquid suede lipsticks that have some neutral colors. Jeffree Star lipsticks are $18 and most of them are crazy colors but he does have some neutrals.

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      3. Thank you! I’ll have to look into that.

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  5. I have both the Lana Limecrime lipstick and the Milk Cosmetics Holographic stick. Absolutely AMAZING! I also have that Morphe Palette on my wish list! =)

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    1. Nice! Ya I really want to try other brands for metallic lipsticks because right now I only have NYX and I love the colors but the formulas never dry…they stay tacky all day


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