Makeup Brush Guide: Angled Eyeshadow Fluff Brush

This makeup brush guide has definitely become a longer series than I expected. BUT I want to give my beauties the best info possible so here we go!

An angled eyeshadow brush can – like other eye brushes – be used for so many things. I like using this one from Sephora for applying my white eyeshadow base.

Angled eye brushes should be pretty fluffy. The fluffier the better…it will definitely make the shadow apply smoother and thoroughly.

Bottom line is: other than the brush having many bristles and being on the fluffy side, there’s not much to look at when buying an angled eyeshadow brush. Now go find yourself one!

If you’re looking for some cheap angled eyeshadow brushes, go check these ones out:

  • Lancome Natural Bristled Angled Eyeshadow Brush – $27.50 at Ulta
  • It Cosmetics Airbrush Angela Shadow Crease Brush – $13 at Ulta
  • Morphe B17 Round Angle Blender – $2.99 at Morphe
  • Morphe E21 Deluxe Angle Blender – $5.99 at Morphe

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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  1. That brush looks gorgeous! Loved reading this xoxo my latest post ♡

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