Makeup Brush Guide: Oval Eyeshadow Brush

For this week’s brush guide, we’re looking at oval eyeshadow brushes!

These brushes needs to be short bristled. With shorter bristles, it makes it more user-friendly and helps blend shadows out.

An oval eye brush can be used to blend eyeshadows or pack on those pigments. I use them mostly for packing because they can hold a lot of product.

Bottom line is: get a oval eye brush with short bristles and one that holds onto product well. The last thing you want is a brush that loses eyeshadow even before you put it on!

If you’re looking for some cheap oval eye brushes, go check these ones out:

  • ULTA Large Eyeshadow brush- $14 at Ulta
  • ELF Cosmetics Eyeshadow C brush-$3 at ULTA
  • Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow brush #60- $18 at Sephora
  • Makeup Forever 228 Medium Precision Shader brush- $25 at Sephora

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Love this! I so could’ve used this when I was a beginner lol

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    1. I know right? I wish I had seen a post like this when I first started…now I want to help out all those beginning beauties 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah seriously. Thinking back to when I first started and now, I’ve come a long way! Haha

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      2. Same girl! So crazy right? The glow up is real

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