Procrastinating Beauty Tag

I found this tag online and thought it would be fun sooo here we go!

  1. Name a beauty regimen you rarely/never do – I never use toner on my face. I know everyone says it brightens your skin and is essential for your skincare routine. But for some reason I’ve never purchased a toner and I’ve only used one a couple times.
  2. Is washing your brushes something you do regularly? – YES! I wash them once a week…otherwise I get grossed out by them. The longest I’ve gone without washing my brushes is 2 weeks and that was bad for me!
  3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish? – I don’t wear nail polish often BUT when I do, I constantly touch up the paint to make sure it doesn’t look bad. I hate chipped nails so much!
  4. How long do you put off replacing a beauty product before running out, even if you really need it? – It depends on the product. I’m always terrified of running out of my foundation and concealer so I replace those 1-2 weeks before I run out. Mascara is something I’m bad about remembering to replace so usually I wait 1-2 weeks after I’m supposed to replace it…oops!
  5. What’s your worst beauty habit? – Pimple popping by far! I know it’s horrible for your skin and leads to acne scars. But it’s always so tempting to pop them so they go away. Maybe someday I’ll break this habit!
  6. How organized is your makeup? – My makeup is pretty organized actually! I’ve been buying organizing things for my makeup over the last couple months and  makeup desk looks much more organized now. But I’m slowly running out of space now because I always buy new makeup 😜

As always, if you want to do this tag, by all means have at it! I had fun answering these questions and as it turns out I’m not as big of a beauty procrastinator as I thought 😊

Thanks for reading, my loves πŸ™‚ til next time


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  1. najjo8844 says:

    I will defo do this tag! Soon…

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