Product Review: The Balm Mad Lash Black Mascara

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Last month, I got this mini mascara from Ipsy. Now when I first saw it, I was super excited because I love The Balm and Ipsy introduced me to the brand last year so I thought this product would be awesome.

I was very disappointed with the mascara. My biggest issue with issues is the wand. It’s so long and curved, especially considering how small the tube is in comparison. I feel so awkward applying it.

While the mascara is very black, it doesn’t apply a lot of product. The Roller Lash does such a great job at applying a lot of product at once but Mad Lash doesn’t for some reason. 

I thought this mascara would be great for my lower lashes but again I was disappointed by that. The mascara clumped A LOT on my bottom lashes and it looked so bad I had to remove it and put on the Roller Lash.

I really REALLY wanted to love this mascara but I was definitely disappointed by it. 

What are your thoughts on the Mad Lash? Also tell me what mascaras you live for!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Loved this post! Do you think you could check out mine? Xxx

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  2. Honestly, I never opened mine. I didn’t want my other ones to dry out thinking I would love it, so I’m very grateful for this post . 😚 Now, I’ll open it and give it a quick through today. I’ll let you know for sure

    Can you delete my other comment…it was only partial of this 😉 Thanks

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    1. Yes I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks

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  3. I tried it.
    Here are my thoughts. You’re right about that wand and normally, I’d like that but when its stiffer. It is WAY too bendy which is why it isnt applying much pigment which I think they were priobably cartering more to the people who wear falsies…IDK. It doesn’t make sense but its my opinion.
    Also, Did you look inside the mascara….its hollow all the way down then an opening the size of a pen tip which is another reason they probably have the wand so pops right in that hole, and we don’t have to turn the cap closed, it snaps on and off.
    I personally got pigment on all my lashes top and bottom nice and long and full by twisting my wrist around in different directions and playing with it, using it upside down, etc it is possible because I have lashes but it was clumpy and I had to use a eyelash comb after to “clean up”
    It isn’t for me and the sample definitely isn’t worth the trouble.

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    1. Good to hear your opinion! This mascara is definitely not for me either girl

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  4. Oh no, I was so excited to try out this mascara when I get it this month 😦

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    1. Definitely still try it out! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’d love to hear what you think of it


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