Inside Look: Jeffree Star Holiday Collection


So I didn’t get the entire holiday collection but let’s dive into what I did get:

I got 2 skin frosts: Princess Cut and Regina George. Princess Cut is a beautiful light pink/white highlighter and Regina George is a hot pink beauty! Regina George is definitely going to be more my style since it’s so bold but Princess Cut should be flawless as well!

For lipsticks, I got Sagittarius, Crocodile Tears and Checkmate. Sagittarius I had to get since it’s my zodiac sign…it’s such as beautiful light mauve shade. Crocodile Tears is so me though: a bold dark green…like come on! 😍 And finally Checkmate: a bright orange red that is such a cool red for the holidays.

So overall I’m obsessed with everything I got from the holiday collection! I’m expecting two more items today (Dreamhouse and Chrysanthemum) so I’ll definitely be wearing those two soon as well!

What holiday lipsticks did you beauties get from Jeffree Star?

Thanks for reading, my loves πŸ™‚ til next time


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  1. beautyonabudget123 says:

    Checkmate looks gorgeous for the holidays!! I really need to try this brand!

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  2. KRS says:

    I havent tried out this brand yet but you’ve definitely made me want to try x

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    1. You absolutely should try Jeffree Star!


  3. McKenzMorgan says:

    Would love to see the colors swatched!

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    1. I hopefully will swatch soon!


  4. ritikarupal says:

    I wish jefree star cosmetics was available in india 😒

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    1. I’m sorry about that 😟 you would love his products

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  5. How are his highlighters?

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    1. They’re so pigmented! I love every one I own

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      1. I’m have to order one. I keep looking at them lol

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      2. Yes you need to order one girl! They’re amazing…definitely my favorite highlighters out there

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  6. Hey Brooke! I just nominated you at my latest Mystery Blogger Award, hope you can join in the fun! Click here to see the award: Xoxo, Mercy

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  7. EmilyStyles says:

    Oooo… never really brought anything from him before. But seeing these make me want to drop everything and grab something! ❀

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    1. To my knowledge, everything from the holiday collection is still in stock so you gotta go get some things from him! Best indie brand out there


  8. edrysder says:

    Princess cut is my absolute favourite highlighter!! Have you tried ice cold? It’s also stunning xx

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    1. I actually just ordered Ice Cold so I’m excited to get it and finally try it


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