Makeup Brush Guide: Lip Brush

We finally made it to the last makeup brush guide post! I’ve had so much fun giving my beauties my two cents on brushes and I hope you’ve loved reading these posts.

The last post is about lip brushes. For a lip brush, almost anything goes. Make sure the brush is flat so you can perfectly blend those lips.

Lip brushes should not be angled because an angled brush is not good for blending. So make sure your lippie brush is flat and has a straight edge.

A brush with a straight edge can also work for lining your lips if you’re a lip liner lover. These brushes should be able to line and blend those lips out. But pointed lip brushes can also be great for more precise application!

Bottom line is: find a lip brush that’s flat and can multitask. There are so many different types of lip brushes out there so find whatever is best for you!

If you’re looking for some cheap lip brushes, go check these ones out:

  • Bite Beauty Lip Brush – $20 at Sephora
  • Makeup Forever 304 Lip Brush – $25 at Sephora
  • Morphe M170-2 Oval Taklon Lip brush – $1.99 at Morphe
  • Japonesque Retractable Silver Lip Brush – $14.50 at Ulta

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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