Monday Must Have 

For the first Monday must have of the year, let’s look at one of my favorite new Jeffree Star lipsticks!

I’ve worn Chrysanthemum a LOT while I’ve been in Ecuador because it’s such a beautiful pink lippie. As always, it’s hella pigmented like every other Jeffree lipstick. And it stays on all day so YAY!

What I love about this shade the most is the little glitter it has to it. It’s almost a gold shimmer to the pink that makes it even prettier than other similar shades!

The color itself isn’t sheer though and a little goes a long way but you can also build the color to create even pinker lips if you want 😊

Not much else to tell you about this lipstick except it is flawless! Beauties out there who want a more neutral lipstick, Chrysanthemum would be perfect for you.

So absolutely a Monday must have!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Omg I’m obsessed with these lipsticks

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    1. Me too! I have way too many of them now

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  2. Jeffree star velour liquid lips are amazing!! Absolutely love them❤

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    1. They seriously are!

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  3. I really need to try these, heard so many good things!

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    1. They are amazing! Definitely try a shade soon

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      1. Had my eye on androgyny for a while, looks so pretty! Also would you mind checking out my beauty blog?

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      2. Absolutely! And yes Androgyny is stunning

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