Monday Must Haves

Washing your hair every day isn’t a must anymore; most women only wash once or twice a week and honestly it’s a lot healthier for the hair.

But you want a great shampoo and conditioner that’ll make those washes worth it. My favorites right now are from the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day line.

I used these minis when I was in Ecuador and they really helped keep my hair in tip top shape! 

They are of course color safe so you other beauties with color-treated hair should definitely check these guys out. No harsh chemicals to worry about!

What I love about these two products are how a little goes a long way. Just a small amount of both made my hair shiny, soft and made it look like I just stepped out of the salon…can you say fabulous?

Since I only wash my hair once a week with my new color, I was afraid this shampoo and conditioner wouldn’t last long on my hair. I was super wrong…they seriously keep my hair from getting oily fast so I don’t feel the need to wash a lot.

Not much else to say except…these are definitely must haves!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. Living Proof is so great! Thanks for including that it’s color-safe too.

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  2. CrazyJess says:

    I love the living proof dry shampoo but haven’t tried the shampoo conditioner yet. I have super dry hair though. Is this really moisturizing?

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    1. It really is! The shampoo and conditioner do wonders

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