Monday Must Have

Happy Monday my beauties!

So Tarte recently came out with some new products, which I of course was super psyched about. Tarte is such a fabulous brand and I’ve never used a bad product from them.

I picked up the Pearly Girl Teeth Whitener at Sephora a couple days ago and after just 2 uses, I’m in love!

I’ve been wanting a quality teeth whitener since (like a lotta people) my teeth have some yellow. This teeth whitener is such a must have because…for one it’s vegan and bleach free!

The pen does a fabulous job of cleaning my teeth and getting rid of surface stains. It works so quickly too, so you can totally apply this during your morning routine and have them look and feel clean in 15 minutes.

The whitener doesn’t have a bad taste either luckily so you’ll feel comfortable wearing the product on your teeth. And seriously…it works right away! I’ve used it twice and it has already lightened my teeth by at least one shade 😆

Tarte fans, the Pearly Girl is definitely a Monday must have! You’ll love this whitening pen 😁

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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    1. Definitely go get one! It’s amazing how fast it works

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  1. I need to buy thissssss!!!You’ve got such a lovely blog! I’d love if you could visit my blog and maybe even follow my blog. 🙂

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  2. Im so glad you posted this because I was thinking about returning mine! I recently got it and used it once and wasn’t sure on the directions. I applied it to my teeth and waited 30 seconds like it said but theres was a lot of goopy stuff on my teeth still so I didn’t know if I should wipe some off or spit (sorry, gross I know haha) or what! I was confused on how to use it! But after reading this I really want to give it another try! How do you use it? I need some guidance haha!

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    1. No problem doll! You just put it in your teeth, leave your mouth open for 30 seconds. Then don’t eat or drink for 15 minutes but you don’t spit or wash out or anything. I know that seems weird but that’s the best way to get results

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      1. Once you leave it for 30 minutes, do you still have a lot of the product on your teeth or am I just using too much? 😅

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      2. Usually it goes away after 15 minutes of waiting but I don’t use a lot of the product

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      3. Okay, thanks so much for helping! I’m going to give it another shot! 💕

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      4. No problem, let me know if it works better for you

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  3. CrazyJess says:

    I haven’t even heard of this yet! So that so exciting I’m going to try it! Good post 👍😀

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