Product Review: Fresh Rose Face Mask

I got this rose face mask from Fresh as my birthday gift from Sephora back in December BUT I’ve recently started using it more so I thought I’d give you beauties a review!

If you’re looking for a mask to solve all those common winter skin issues (redness and dryness), this Fresh Mask is for you!

This is such a hydrating mask that works to keep your skin fresh looking and prevents redness. It feels so refreshing on my skin and after I wash it off, my skin feels flawless.

Perhaps the best part of this mask is the scent. It smells just like roses and it is relaxing! I love the smell of roses and it just adds to the relaxing feeling of the whole mask.

What I love about this mask is even after one use, it really works hard on your skin. After I tried it just once, the mask really changed my skin texture and it’s appearance. In the last week, I’ve used this mask twice and my skin already feels more hydrated and looks healthier!
Sounds like a fabulous mask? I HIGHLY recommend checking this mask out at Sephora. It works so well and I love it so much!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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  1. csorat says:

    You’ve been nominated for blogger Recognition Award. See my latest post, blogger Recognition Award at

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  2. elmbennet says:

    I really love this mask it smells amazing and it makes you very relaxed

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    1. For sure! Thanks for the feedback


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