Palette Focus: Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

I just got this palette and I’ve been loving it so this is our palette focus of the week! (PS: Read my Inside Look on this palette for this week)

Anyone who doesn’t like wearing bright and bold makeup looks…sorry but this palette isn’t for you. But you bold beauties like me will adore this palette!

The pigmentation, like in all Urban Decay palettes, is to die for! One tap of the brush in the pan and it’ll be loaded with pigment. Such high quality shadows!

This palette is best used for bright and artistic looks. I love using it for bold cut creases and for getting super creative with my eye makeup.

I still don’t have a favorite shade because I’ve tried almost all of them and I love them all! They’re all so unique and beautiful that I can’t pick just one!

The Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette is available online at Sephora for $35! All bold beauties out there should go pick one up πŸ˜†

Thanks for reading, my loves πŸ™‚ til next time


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  1. I love this too. Haven’t used much of it yet though …. still searching YouTube for inspiration 😊

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    1. I will post a tutorial with this palette very soon on my channel so be on the lookout

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  2. Dasa Lavric says:

    In love with this palette πŸŽ€

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  3. jkbeautytake says:


    I love your post! I’d be grateful if you can check mine out on the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette πŸ™‚

    Thank you! ❀

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