Monday Must Have

Ok by this point I’m pretty sure I’ve made every single Jeffree Star Skin Frost in my collection a Monday must have. BUT this one might possibly be my absolute favorite (keyword being might)!

You all know I can’t get enough of highlighters…they are one of my holy grail products! And I’ve always wanted to try Jeffree Star’s Ice Cold but it’s always sold out…but I finally got my hands on it!

I adore how icy this highlighter is…in my opinion, the icier the better! It’s just so blinding and beautiful, unlike a lot of similar highlighter shades.

As with every Jeffree Star highlighter, the pan size is HUGE! At this point, I have most of his highlighters so I’m not even worried about running out of Ice Cold for a long ass time.

Ice Cold is so pigmented too. One swipe across the pan and BAM…you’ve got a lot of pigment!

This highlighter also will look amazing on every skin tone so if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely need to!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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  1. llindaxxo says:

    It looks so pretty!!!! Swatches next time??? I really want to see how it would look on the skin. I haven’t tried JStarr cosmetics yet but I really want to! I hear so many great things about his liquid lipticks and highlighters!

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  2. This is so pretty. I haven’t tried anything from his line yet but it’s one of the ones I really want to give a go this year. I don’t really highlight much but this is such a nice frosty colour it’s half tempting me!

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    1. Try it! Once you try highlighting you’ll be addicted

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  3. Dasa Lavric says:

    Looks super stunning ❤️

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