Slightly Disappointing March Products

We will continue next week with the palette focus mini series. But today let’s talk about my two slightly disappointing products for March.

Sadly neither of these were slightly disappointing…they were VERY disappointing!

The Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick, like other eyeshadow sticks, doesn’t last on my lids. It doesn’t blend out, it creases and looks cheap. Also it broke when I tested it on camera in my new video so that was pretty disappointing.

My last disappointing product is the Sephora Honey Lip Scrub. I posted a full product review of this on Sunday (if you haven’t seen it yet) and I really didn’t like it. It is definitely NOT a lip scrub and it doesn’t even work as as lip balm. 

I was very disappointed in both products but luckily I only had two this month so YAY!

Go watch my newest video for my disappointing products:

What products were you not a fan of this month? Comment down below!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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  1. caseykay says:

    I feel the same way about the eye shadow stick, ugh!!

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    1. Right? It’s not that great

      Liked by 1 person

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