Product Review: Tony Moly Tomato Mask Sheet

You beauties know how much I love trying different face masks. So when I saw this tomato one from Tony Moly, I snatched it in a second.

This mask was…ok. Not great, not bad either. Just ok.

The worst thing about this mask was the scent. It smelled like some weird perfumey soap that public bathrooms have…not the scent I want to smell for 10-20 minutes on my face.

The tomato mask claims it will make your skin radiant and glowy. Unfortunately, the results were not that great. My skin had a little glow to it after using the mask but only for half an hour. The glow faded so fast!

I will say that this mask really relaxed my skin. Not all masks do that but this one definitely relaxes me. I don’t know how it does that but I felt so refreshed and relaxed after using the mask.

So again…not a horrible mask, not the best one. I think the main reason I wouldn’t buy it again is because of the scent. You all know how sensitive I am to scented products and this one just irritates me.

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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