Product Review: Nuxe 24HR Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask

Ok so this isn’t a new product for me BUT I was wanting to do a mask last night and looked through my skin care products for one I haven’t used in a while. I rediscovered this one and tried it out.

It was not good at all! First of all, it didn’t hydrate my skin very much. It claims to soothe and hydrate skin but it only hydrated my skin for about a minute.

The mask also wasn’t much of a mask. You expect masks to actually look like there’s something on your face and this one just felt like a bad moisturizer.

By far, the worst part of this mask is the scent. It smells like tree bark, which isn’t something I want to smell for 10 minutes straight. Awful scent!

Overall, a really bad mask that I’m throwing out now! Not sure where this mystery mask came from but it was not good.

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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  1. Such a shame 😦 I love the Nuxe oil – its a fantastic product x

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    1. I haven’t tried anything else from the brand but I might check out their oil

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  2. Sunaina Das says:

    Need to try this ASAP and Such an amazing Post and I love it.
    Btw there is a new post on my blog on – my 2018 fitness routine-

    Hope you will like it

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  3. Dasa Lavric says:

    Seems so nice, think umma try it out 😍

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  4. lifewithmrst says:

    Such a shame how a scent can ruin products, I would be the same with anything smelling of liquorice

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    1. Right? It’s sad that badly scented products even exist

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