Flashback Friday

I’m trying to change up my blog posts to give you beauties new fun content SO instead of Friday Fun Day, this week I’m giving you a flashback to an old makeup selfie.

It’s always fun to look back on old makeup looks to see how far you’ve come. And I’ve definitely come a long way in my makeup journey!

I still love this look because of those bold lips. Sure, lately I’ve been sporting some more neutral lips but I still will always love bold colors in my face.

My eyeliner skills have of course improved but even two years ago, my winged liner was on point!

Also it’s kinda funny that I picked this picture because my hair is almost back to this same color. Guess it’s my signature hair color!

I think it’s important to look back in old makeup pictures because it’ll definitely make you feel confident in your abilities now. Plus it’s fun to see crazy things you used to think looked good (we’ve all had bad eyebrows at least once in our lives).

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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      1. ANDY THOMSON says:

        no problem, loved it

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