Flashback Friday: Hulk Smash

In honor of Denver Comic Con starting today, here is a flashback to one of my makeup looks from last year.

I channeled my inner Hulk with this look and it was a lot of fun! The best part of this look? My purple hair, of course! (side note: I honestly forget all the time that I had purple hair)

That bright green eyeshadow, though 💚 so stunning! Not completely sure what the point of the purple squiggles were on the lower lashline, but hey…they look cool 💜

My lashes are extra long and gorgeous! It’s definitely been a minute since I have worn false lashes but I may bring them back for Comic Con weekend.

The glow is…super underwhelming honestly! A year ago, I clearly didn’t know how to apply highlighter very well. Thank God I’ve learned from that!

Finally, I LOVE the purple lipstick! It’s so bold and amazing 😍

You can bet I’ll be creating more comic book themed makeup looks this weekend!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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