Thursday Tips: Wash Your Hair Less

You heard me…wash your hair less!

I know a lot of people think it’s gross to only wash your hair a couple times a week, but it’s so much better for your hair!

Your hair washing routine all depends on your hair, though. If you have virgin hair, you can get away with washing every other day.

No matter what your hair situation is, you should not wash your hair every day. It’s healthy for your hair to have some natural oils and on top of that, washing your hair daily dries out your scalp.

Now, if you have color-treated hair, DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY! Your hair is extra fragile and a daily wash will make your hair fade way too quickly and cause more split ends.

Daily washes also strip your hair of natural shine. You may think your shampoo will help make your hair shinier if you use it every day. Think again!

There are so many drawbacks to washing your hair every day…so don’t do it! If you feel like you have to wash frequently, switch to washing every other day instead of every day.

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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