Keeping up with Beautify Brooke

Beautify Brooke has expanded into some exciting ventures and will keep on growing. Here’s how you can keep up with me on all my platforms (click on the links to subscribe):

YouTube– That’s right! I have a YouTube channel that started in January 2017. I post tutorials, product reviews, unboxing videos and so much more every Tuesday and Friday.

Instagram– See some of my fabulously bold (and sometimes not so bold) makeup looks!

Twitter– I may not tweet a lot but I love updating my beauties on my life, blog, channel, etc.

Facebook– This is one of my newer platforms. I post a couple times a week so some days you’ll see a makeup look and another day you’ll see me promoting my latest video.

Beautify Brooke is always onto bigger and better things so keep up with all my platforms to get the latest updates 🙂