Thursday Tips: Get Your Beauty Sleep

Ok so everyone has heard that about a million times! But seriously…this will really help your skin look its best.

You can use all the products you want, but if you don’t get enough sleep every night, your skin will suffer.

Keep your skin gorgeous and young and get your rest! Honestly, there’s nothing better to me than getting into bed after a long day at work. The next morning, I always feel rested (I much as one can at 6 a.m.) and rejuvenated.

While I love using face masks (like you all know), I also love getting my 8 hours a night. Now, you don’t have to sleep 8 hours every night BUT you definitely need more than 4 hours of sleep. And trust me…coffee won’t replace sleep!

Find a sleep schedule that works for you and stick to it. Sure, you may sleep in a few more hours on the weekends or stay up later. As long as you make a point of setting a sleep schedule, you’ll be much more rested.

Ultimately, your skin will pay the price for your sleeping habits. So treat your skin like royalty and rest up!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time

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